How about a web site?

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How about a web site?

You know you want one, perhaps even need one. One that’s well-designed, truly functional, and tailored to your specific needs, even if they’re fairly simple.

Not entirely convinced? Read on.

Let’s say you live in an area like I do, in the middle of the mountains along the tourists’ beaten paths*. Better yet, let’s say you’re actually one of those tourists, staying in a lodge, at a campground, or whatever. You brought what you thought was everything you needed for your stay. Food, bug repellent, toilet paper & reading material (not necessarily one in the same). All of a sudden, you utter that proverbial oops, noting that missing something, croutons for the salad or perhaps the salad itself. So (if you’re a Verizon subscriber), you whip out your handy, dandy smartphone or tablet device, press the On button, and begin to search the web (Google, anyone?).

You find that the closest listings are at least 15 miles away, in a larger town like Lake Placid or Saranac Lake. A good hour there and back, including shopping time. But you know you passed some local stores that are a lot closer on your way in. What you don’t know is whether they carry what you want or need. Dang, you say, they’re not listed. Why aren’t they listed? So, rather than waste any more time, you hop in your SUV and head off through the Cascades, knowing that you will find what you need in that more distant place.

And as that local business owner, you just lost out.

More to come…

Of course, some would say that all this is more or less moot if you’re not selling products and/or services via the Internet. If all you really want to do is be found when one or more of your potential customers is looking for you, you could easily accomplish that by getting your business listed in some sort of directory listing like those offered by or perhaps your local business association.

Still, it’s not the same as having your very own web site, your own unique presence on the ‘Net 😉

Following are some of the other web sites I’ve done. Please feel free to peruse them:

*That’s about 1.6 million beaten paths a year, mind you. At least according to Clarkson University, which conducted a study which includes a count of the number of vehicles that travel through a place like Keene, NY, on a yearly basis.