How about a forum?

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How about a forum?

Though I had mixed feelings about adding a post like this one to my professional online presence, I knew I wanted to add a sample of my skills designing and developing forums to the site, and I picked my dog Hunter on which to base that sample (which can be seen here) after a very popular forum associated with the breed went the way of defunct sites due to problems with server upkeep; hence, the reason why you’re finding this post on a site like this one.

Some might call it an act of love with a touch of professionalism tossed in, and perhaps just a wee bit of pride. I know I do.

The sample itself is based on the popular open-sourced Simple Machines Forum, commonly know as SMF. While I do work with a number of forum platforms (e.g., BuddyPress & bbPress for WordPress, vBulletin, phpBB, etc.), SMF is the platform I chose to share a sample of my skills using them.

Hunter ST II is a German Shorter Pointer whose life took a fateful turn when he was flown out from Indiana as an eight week old puppy on December 19, 2012, to become part of our family.

He originally was supposed to travel on the 21st, but his breeder was worried that an incoming Winter storm might prevent travel that day. So, on short notice, we traveled the 120 mile trip from our home in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks to Albany International Airport on the 19th to meet Hunter upon his arrival at 11:30PM. We waited about an hour or so for him to arrive, and when the agent came through the door to the baggage handling area with his crate, our levels of anticipation peaked. I wish I had a camera at the time we first cast our eyes upon him! Though the tiny little guy in front of us looked a bit beat and scared, he was sheer joy and love, and we handled him like the baby he was.

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


As fate would have it, that was the same night the front wheel bearing hub on the right side of my truck died, which we learned upon leaving the terminal with our new boy in hand. The loud something-sounds-like-it’s-breaking noise scared the heck out of me, and I thought we were going to get stuck in Albany with Hunter; but as it happened, we were able to safely limp the 120 miles or so back home.

Some Germans might have called that a result of das Schicksal.

As for Hunter’s name (Hunter ST II), the ST in it is short for Stockton Thompson, the latter part of the name of a gonzo (see Gonzo Journalism) news reporter known for his somewhat controversial life style and reporting methods. Hunter S. Thompson was actually a fairly wild guy, who killed himself at the relatively young age of 67, after struggling with a string of health issues. Anyway, I figured a good name for a hunting dog was Hunter (don’t many folks?), but I wanted to set him apart from all the other Hunters out there. I was also an avid fan of Hunter S. Thompson and figured I’d pay tribute to him by naming our new family member Hunter ST II, my new, best friend Ad Vitam.

Hunter, the dog, like his namesake, is also a fairly wild guy, btw.

Hunter stems from Bona’s Kennels, located in Indiana. Mike Martinovic, the breeder and owner of Bona’s described the puppy who eventually became my Hunter as follows:

Hina & Leo’s Male is a very promising puppy. He will be a dual quality dog. We have incredibly high expectations of this litter. All of the puppies in the litter are very confident, there isn’t an ounce of shyness in any of them. All of the puppies in the litter have their tails and heads up high at all times. They show a lot of poise. This male will have a beautiful, full head; deep chest; and excellent proportions. In the field, we expect him to have a great hunting style; strong nose; high prey drive; natural retrieve and water work. He will be a large sized male, approximately 75lbs.

Hina, the dam, was bred in Europe and then imported to the US. She has some of the best Eastern European competition dogs in her pedigree. Her grand-sire is one of the best known dogs in Europe. He competed at 43 trials, placing all firsts and just one second place. Her bloodline consists of mostly Italian dogs. They’re all very natural hunters. Hina has an incredible style and a very strong nose.

Leo, the sire, is a Dual Champion. He is owned by one of the biggest names in Europe when it comes to GSPs, Hari Herak. Leo just won the best hunting style at an international field trial in Nis, Serbia. He has also just placed second at a SOLMs competition. SOLMs format is similar to NAVHDA style tests, except that’s it’s a competition and not a test. In every aspect in the field he has presented himself as the top dog. It’s the reason of why we chose to breed Hina to him.

We give a 100% hunting guarantee on all of our dogs. Prior to leaving our kennels they will have their first puppy shot, they will be dewormed, they will have their dewclaws removed and tails docked.

We may have more puppies available displayed on our web-site, You will also find pictures of the parents and their full pedigrees on our homepage.

Hunter’s Pedigree

CAC:  First place among the males attending the show
R. CAC:  Reserve winner among the males
CACIB:  Best of both sexes in an International show
BOB:  Best of breed
PRM:  Best of Junior Class
BIS:  Best in Show
Excellent:  Qualified in top four dogs but did not win
CACT:  First place at a Field Trials
R.CACT:  Reserve winner at a Field Trial
JH:  Junior Hunter, which was his first field title
CACIT:  First place in International Field Trials
BOG:  Best of Group
PRM:  Best in Junior class
A:  Hunt test
B:  Field trial win

More regarding German Shorthair Pointer (GSP) foreign classifications and other relevant information can be found here:

Please feel free to browse the galleries that follow!

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