But how do I pay for it?

Given what you may have already read elsewhere on the web about web design and development, one thing you might be asking yourself is “how do I pay for it?” Though my rates are pretty reasonable given the industry average of $50/hr (you can read more about what web designers charge here), I do realize that many people wanting a web site don’t necessarily have a large budget to do everything they’d like. I’ve worked with a number of clients whose budgets have ranged from a few hundred dollars for a basic online presence, to those with upwards of $1,000. One thing a client needs to understand when doing such work while remaining within their budgetary constraints is that they can establish the basics then always expand when they can budget more for additional functionality or other addons. This works well for those with minimal funding, and I often find them returning for more when they’re ready to do so.

They stay happy—which keeps me happy—and I remain gainfully employed.

I also do fairly large web sites of course, complete with all the functionality a client might need as well as anything else dictated by their specific requirements (e.g., custom page layouts, additional graphic design, custom logos for use in their web sites, etc.) for those who have the budget to have such work done. You can browse a selected range of my web work via my web site portfolio, which includes work I’ve done where costs ranged anywhere from $400 for a smaller, complete web site, to tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a few years, where such work included ongoing site maintenance  and a number of regular revamps (e.g., converting sites that I did a few years back to those based on today’s responsive design frameworks).

How much you spend and can have done for that amount is really up to you and your budget. What you can expect regarding what you get for your money is explained fairly well here.

Providing value for my clients

As a freelance professional, the most important thing for me in the work that I do is to provide value for my clients, regardless of their working budget. It’s my belief that everything I do for a client should be of high quality within the scope of a project, simply because I both support the notion that the customer is always right (something I picked up working for a number of larger corporations), and thoroughly believe in customer satisfaction. That said, I also believe maintaining such relationships often involves an educational process to some degree (depending on the client, but especially true in the case of web site development and design) and that effective communication is paramount to the successful completion of a project and that ensuing satisfaction. Clients of mine appreciate this philosophy, which you can read about here.
…everything I do for a client should be of high quality within the scope of a project, simply because I both support the notion that the customer is always right, and thoroughly believe in customer satisfaction.

So, how do I pay for it?

Whether you’re looking for custom graphic work like web banners, including all manner of ad layouts, printed brochures, trade show banners or other printed material or you’d like to know more about re-branding your professional identity (e.g., logo development), or you’re thinking about a web site for your large or small business (eCommerce or other); whether you’re an individual or larger group of people who manage(s) a small or larger business or an educational or non-profit organization of any size, please don’t hesitate to touch base with me to learn more about what I offer and how I might be able to help you. Consultations are always free of charge, regardless of your needs.

Remember, at the Shining Lamp, our business is you.



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